Eagle Police Vehicle Debuts on the Streets of Shanghai

09 Apr .24

Shanghai is a very modern city with traditional Chinese characteristics. The Bund's old-fashioned Western-style buildings and Pudong's modern skyscrapers are in harmony; the hymns of Xujiahui Cathedral and the smoke of the Jade Buddha Temple; the mah-jong seniors under the street buildings and the soccer boys in the alleys; the Shanghai Opera and burlesque in the small theaters of the masses, and the symphony and ballet in the big theaters; the local cuisine in the old hotels, the Cantonese tea in the Apricot Palace, and the French cuisine in the Red House; and the teahouses in the old streets of Shanghai, and the pubs in Hengshan Road, each have their own wonderful combination of East and West. The combination of East and West, each with its own splendor.



Traveling to Shanghai, in addition to the Bund, Nanjing Road, City God Temple, People's Square in Huangpu District ...... Xuhui District is also a must-see stop. Xuhui District is business oriented and is the commercial center of Xuhui District, known as Xujiahui Commercial Circle, which is enough for you to stroll around for a day. Xujiahui is also one of the areas where Shanghai residents buy computers and digital products. Xujiahui is also home to many businesses dealing in luxury goods, mid-range and high-end clothing, various entertainment, and food and beverage industries, making it a great place to go shopping in Shanghai.

Xujiahui Catholic Church is a famous Catholic Church in China, also located in the Xujiahui business circle. The Gothic style with red brick walls is beautiful and grand, and many people take wedding photos here. The stained glass through which the sunlight passes is serene, and the store next to it has beautiful free postcards. After the tour, why don't you send your blessings to your faraway friends.



Xuhui District covers an area of 54.93 square kilometers, with a resident population of 1,088,300 and a household resident population of 818,100. In the face of such a large population and quality business resources to ensure public security has become particularly important. at the end of 2019 Xuhui District Public Security again purchased Eagle mobile police room.

A new generation of Eagle mobile police office EG6561P is a special for the Ministry of Public Security police office to create a mobile "office", the car has a novel appearance, simple and generous lines, very conceptual, the roof is equipped with a 360 ° real-time monitoring, to ensure the efficiency of police officers office, while the body using load-bearing structure, electric At the same time, the body adopts load-bearing structure, electric swing door and electric pedal to facilitate getting on and off the car, to meet the daily office needs of police personnel.

Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer of off-highway electric four-wheeled vehicles, now the enterprise has 734 patents, for many years to obtain the IOS9001 certificate, Jiangsu Province, such as well-known enterprises.