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Suzhou Eagle got the EEC certificate on Jan.11, 2011

Oct. 12, 2017

On Jan.11, 2011, Eagle finally got the EEC certificate of models EG2028KR, EG2028HR, EG2028HSZR, EG2048KR, EG2048HR, EG2048HCXR, EG2048HSZR, EG2020ASZR, and EG2040ASZR. By now, the EEC there are 11 homologated models from Suzhou Eagle including two models (EG6043KR-00, EG6043KR-01) homologated in year 2007. By now, Eagle has built a full series EEC homologated golf carts from 2-4 seats golf cart, 2+2 and 4+2 seats golf utility cart, 2+box and 4+box golf utility cart, 2+2 and 4+2 seats hunting cart, 4 seats passenger cart, etc., by this, Eagle can meet most clients’ requirement of low speed street legal electric vehicle. For more information, please contact us!

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