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Testimonials from Dimitris of Automotive Solutions Ltd

Oct. 04, 2017

Testimonials from Dimitris of Automotive Solutions Ltd

Automotive Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Suzhou Eagle in Greece; we were actually the first company that imported vehicles from China in Greece.

In order to do so we have performed an extensive market research and we have concluded that Suzhou Eagle is the company that is able to offer the quality products and the kind of support that we would like to offer to our customers.

We are now in our 10th year of cooperation and we are more than happy to say the least. The range of products we have access to is huge, the quality is excellent and honestly we have no reason to look any further. Shuttle vehicles, burden carriers, homologated vehicles, there are so many products to choose from.

Every year there are improvements in the vehicles, the components used are of top quality and the delivery times to us from the day of ordering are always very accurate. The after sales service is very good and we always have replies in all technical questions within a day or two from our initial email and very soon all issues are resolved.

The new 2014 model looks very nice and offers an even better choice to our customers and we are happy to see it more and more not only in our market but also in Europe as well.

We are very happy with our cooperation and we are looking to the next 10 years of doing business together.


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Dimitris Kapetanakis

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