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Testimonials from Dimitris of Automotive Solutions Ltd

Testimonials from Dimitris of Automotive Solutions Ltd

Testimonials from Dimitris of Automotive Solutions Ltd

Automotive Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Suzhou Eagle in Greece; we were actually the first company that imported vehicles from China in Greece.

In order to do so we have performed an extensive market research and we have concluded that Suzhou Eagle is the company that is able to offer the quality products and the kind of support that we would like to offer to our customers.

We are now in our 10th year of cooperation and we are more than happy to say the least. The range of products we have access to is huge, the quality is excellent and honestly we have no reason to look any further. Shuttle vehicles, burden carriers, homologated vehicles, there are so many products to choose from.

Every year there are improvements in the vehicles, the components used are of top quality and the delivery times to us from the day of ordering are always very accurate. The after sales service is very good and we always have replies in all technical questions within a day or two from our initial email and very soon all issues are resolved.

The new 2014 model looks very nice and offers an even better choice to our customers and we are happy to see it more and more not only in our market but also in Europe as well.

We are very happy with our cooperation and we are looking to the next 10 years of doing business together.


Automotive Solutions Ltd

Dimitris Kapetanakis

Testimonials from U.D.S Israel

David shabtai ENG

Testimonials from U.D.S Israel

Testimonials from U.D.S Israel

Dear valuable partners …

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you after working with your company for eight years.

Thanks to our cooperation our sales on the Israeli market have increased significantly. Our company, which had started from zero, became one of the most leading suppliers of all range of electric vehicles.

Therefore, I would like once again to thank your company and the staff for being so efficient, cooperative and loyal.

Moreover, your quality and your updating trends by developing new models with the latest technologies in the world are absolutely remarkable.


David shabtai ENG


Testimonial from The Turf Company Philippines

Mario A. Lopez

Testimonial from The Turf Company Philippines

When I went around China to look for golf carts some years back, I was thinking of two things; Quality and Long-term relationship.

And I am glad we signed that partnership with a handshake more than seven years ago.

Competing head-on with popular brands like Clubcar, EZGo and Yamaha was not easy but with the partnership that we have developed with Suzhou Eagle Electric  Manufacturing all these years paid off and Eagle has never been as visible here in golf courses, resorts, hospitals and farms. Eagle is all over the place .And with the trend now of slowly phasing out the gas-fed vehicles, we have positioned the Eagle as a very reliable electric vehicle in this market.

Eagle, has indeed,  landed and conquered the  Philippines!!!

More power to you and looking forward to a stronger mutually beneficial business partnership in the next century!

Best regards,

Mario A. Lopez

Vice President and General Manager

The Turf Company, Inc.

9622 Kamaqong St. San Antonio Village,

Makati City, Philippines

Testimonials From Progolf France

Jean Christophe Burnichon

Testimonials From Progolf France

We have over 8 years'experience of working with Eagle. The staff responds quickly to our requests and the price / quality ratio is good. 

We work with industry, recreation, municipalities; each sector is at Eagle product which he needs. Sometimes we make some modifications to meet the requirement of our clients. As this golf cart Coca Cola on a EG2048HCX base. And another one is a castle for the security

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